Look like a pro, not like a scam!

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If you are a new or a small to medium business you probably chose many times to do the design for your business all by yourself or hire your neighbour’s son or a wannabe indian designer just to save some money thinking it can’t be that hard or thinking that the other designers just have high prices without no reason. But as you Read More

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Business Cards over time

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Anyone has received at least a business card, right? A business card is that piece of plastic, paper or even metal a person gives you to be able to contact him/her. It is that something you end up throwing in your wallet after you meet someone.  Even though it’s something small, it can tell you a whole story about the business and it’s owner and it can often get that person some work. But… Read More

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Welcome to Snkart

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Hello everybody! My name is Vede Emanuel, but everybody calls me Manu. Welcome to my website and my blog. From now on this is the place where you will find tutorials, inspiration and cool tips that will help you have a better experience working as a designer.  There will be many freebies coming up, what you have to do is be sure you subscribed to have the news delivered at you. Read More