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By October 7, 2014Freelance

If you are a new or a small to medium business you probably chose many times to do the design for your business all by yourself or hire your neighbour’s son or a wannabe indian designer just to save some money thinking it can’t be that hard or thinking that the other designers just have high prices without no reason. But as you are reading this i know you are now thinking it wasn’t a very smart investment at all. When you hire a professional designer he won’t charge you a lot for a custom design just because he feels like doing that. He charges more because when you hire him you “buy” his experience and when he starts working for you he invests all of the previous experience in your project.

I bet you visited many websites and the moment the page loaded you were like “Holy crap, this is another of those scam websites!” and immediatelly closed the page and after some time they got some endorsment from your friends who knew the company better and convinced you that they were not a scam. People don’t buy things from someone they don’t believe in. People are tired of bad looking websites, logos and ads and they tend to associate poor design with “scam”. Professional designers help you avoid that.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional designer when you want to launch something new on the market.


1.We don’t just make pretty things

We make things that work. We like to consider ourselves design strategists. The definition of design is more toward “functionality” and less about the “look.” Our job is to plan how visual elements are combined to convey the message your company wants to send. The design process is more than just adding photos and text and most likely isn’t just a simple choice of colors and fonts. There are some steps every designer takes when it comes to making something look “pretty”. We conduct research and elaborate briefs to better understand how your company works, what you want to sell and who do you want to buy it. And that is just the beginning.

2.We give you a personallity

When you are entering the market as a company or with a new product you need to give it a personality. We call that branding. Ask yourself this: Would you buy something that looks ugly? Would you do business with a company that makes you cry when you see their website? Would you trust a company that has a logo that doesn’t express high quality? I really hope no, at least i don’t. Your image is very important because it can postion you as a trustworthy and high end business or the exact opposite. As i said above, a designer’s job isn’t just to choose nice colors and fonts. Even though there is an entire story and psychology behind the reason he made a certain layout, colors and fonts choice the reason is pretty simple. You need to make people understand who you are and that you are a business they can trust and work with.

 3.We help you increase sales

The truth is the saying “don’t judge a book by its covers” doesn’t apply anymore. Even though we should follow the saying, we tend in most, almost 100%, of the cases to judge everything by what we see. In this age of speed and people that are always in a hurry, the first impression is key. You also have a few seconds to make a good impression. Don’t get me wrong! It doesn’t mean that if you look good you automatically get more sales. A good looking website or logo or branding is like a hook. It is THE opportunity to catch people’s attention and tell them they must look into you because you have a good product and they will benefit if they will do business with you. Without a good design, you don’t have THE hook you can make them listen to you with and even though you might have the best product ever, they will never get to see it.


Everyone chose to do something by himself at a point in his life. The truth is that we realise that we should have hired a professional exactly in the moment when we step back and look at the results. Don’t waste your money. Consider hiring a professional and think of it as an investment not as an expense.

As a creative and speaking solely from my experience in this field, i make pretty things every day. But each project be it personal or for somebody is more than just what you see at the first sight. I like to treat every project as a blank page where i can let my creativity get the best for each job. I hope i gave you some convincing reasons why you should consider hiring a professional designer.

If you think i am too expensive you can always give your 5 year old nephew who knows his way around using clipart and powerpoint. But before you do that ask yourself: Do you want to look like a pro or like a scam?


Look like a pro, not like a scam!

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