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By January 30, 2015Freelance

Everybody wants to be creative but nobody thinks of creativity the correct way. We all want to create things but we do not prepare for it in advance. Everybody wants to create unique stuff only to be disappointed to hear someone tell them it looks familiar and very far from being unique.

To create something we need an idea and to have an idea we need inspiration. If you think about it I guess you have found yourself in a many moments saying: “I want to create something but I don’t know what, I don’t have inspiration.” It happened to everybody and it still does.

We would want if possible to eliminate that lack of inspiration and be somehow always full of ideas. But that is not the solution. The point of this article is to share with you one habit that I adjusted in my life that change the way I come up with ideas.

Everything is about timing. Inspiration comes and goes like waves. The problem with inspiration is when we don’t have it.  What is the next thing we do? We run to Behance, or Dribbble or any other source of inspiration and after some time when we consider we took in a great dose of it we go back to the drawing table and continue with the task at hand. Does it sound familiar?

The problem with this rushed dose of inspiration is that it sticks with us for the next hours and what you create tends to be a reflection of what you just saw or heard.

The habit I was telling you about is…

Dedicate some time everyday, preferably in the morning, to look for inspiration. Doing this for a couple of weeks will help you a lot. At first the changes will not be that visible but after a while you will see great improvements. I did this because I found myself several times in that need to create something, and it work. Doing this means you will gaze upon tons of links and you will probably want to revisit some photos of what you liked so you can dedicate some space in your PC to store those photos. I am very selective of what I like and still in a few months my folder added up to 1.335 files. When I open the folder I usually scroll for a random time and start looking at photos from that point and this way I revisit everything I saved when I need to refresh my inspiration.

Creativity is like a muscle. To improve it you have to exercise. Practice being creative everyday and you shall see results. Thanks for reading so far! If you liked it and you have something to add i invite you to continue the discussion in the comments section.

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