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Hello everybody! My name is Vede Emanuel, but everybody calls me Manu. Welcome to my website and my blog. From now on this is the place where you will find tutorials, inspiration and cool tips that will help you have a better experience working as a designer.  There will be many freebies coming up, what you have to do is be sure you subscribed to have the news delivered at you.

Enough with the introductions, let’s discuss what we actually want to do to improve your life. I, just like many of you was in the situation where i didn’t know how to do a certain thing and i no matter how much i searched for it on youtube on other tutorial sites i just couldn’t find the answer. We are here to help you design better. Right now we are planning a series of tutorials for you to learn how to…. . Well it is a surprise so why spoil it ? If you have topics you would like us to write about please be sure to leave them in the comment. We will choose as many as we can and write our best advice in order to help you.


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